It's likely you are on this page because you’ve received a mailing pack from us about reuniting you with your policy.

It is possible that you took your policy out with a different insurance company, which we now manage. Details of these original providers can be found here.

As the covering letter mentions, our records show you are a customer with Countrywide Assured and hold a policy with us. We understand you’ll have lots of questions, so we’ve collected our most frequently asked ones here along with the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How did you get the address on the letter?

    We appointed Equiniti, a specialist company, to help us trace your latest address by accessing and analysing information held with other companies. You can find out more about the company on their website:

  • How do I know this isn’t a scam?

    You are right to be suspicious and we appreciate the dilemma our letter presents to our customers. You may find the ‘About Us’ leaflet enclosed in your pack helpful. This tells you more about who we are.

    Naturally, you do not have to share any personal information until you are completely satisfied that this is a legitimate enquiry.

  • Why haven’t you provided more policy information to help me check?

    The policy is likely to be a life assurance, pension or savings policy, which may provide valuable benefits. We can only offer a few clues about your policy as this letter may not reach you. It’s important for us to protect our customers’ personal information and to consider the potential for fraud in these situations.

  • Why do you need all my previous addresses when you have my current one?

    We appreciate it’s frustrating trying to remember or find details about your previous addresses, but like many financial checks, we need to verify that you are who we think you are. The information you provide will help to confirm this.

  • Why is Countrywide Assured writing me to me if a different company set-up my original policy?

    Countrywide Assured is well known in the industry for buying life and pension policies from other providers. To date we have bought policies from City of Westminster; Protection Life (formerly Direct Line Life), Tesco Life and Save and Prosper. It’s possible that you may have started your policy with one of these companies

  • I have recently given you my new address details, why are you writing to me?

    We appreciate it can be unsettling when you have given us your new address details and then receive a letter from us asking you to confirm you are a customer. We are carrying out an exercise to check all our customers’ addresses to ensure the records we hold are up to date so it may take longer than usual for us to update your address details.

  • What happens if I do nothing?

    We will send you a follow-up letter to the address shown at the top of the letter. If after that there is no response, we will assume you are not our policyholder.

  • How much will I be charged for this?

    There is no cost to you.

  • If I send you any personal information, how do I know this will be safe?

    We are committed to protecting your information, taking all precautions to keep it secure. Our physical, electronic and managerial processes are regularly monitored to safeguard and secure your information. Please see our privacy policy for more details. 

  • Why do you need my telephone number?

    Having your telephone number can save a lot of time. For example, if we have a question or need to reach you, we can telephone rather than write to you, which can be more efficient. Please be assured we will only use your number to contact you about your policy and not for marketing purposes or pass it on to another company. Please see how we use your personal data.

If you think you are a customer, we strongly recommend you get in touch to go through the verification process:


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  • What is the verification process?

    To help confirm you are the policyholder, we’ll need some information from you, such as a policy number, your previous address, as partially shown on your letter and your telephone number.

    If your name has changed from the one shown at the top of the covering letter, we will need proof of this change, so please send a certified copy of one of the following documents, depending on the reason for the name change:   

    1. Due to MARRIAGE or CIVIL PARTNERSHIP: certified copies of your Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate, plus an original or certified copy of your Passport or Driving Licence.
    2. Due to DIVORCE: certified copies of your Decree Absolute/Dissolution Order, your Passport or Driving Licence and your Birth Certificate if you are using your maiden name.
    3. Due to CHANGE IN CIRCUMSTANCE(S): certified copy of your Deed Poll.

    If the documents are not available, please contact us. 

    The verification process is simple and straightforward. There are two ways to go through the process:

    i. Over the phone
    ii. By returning your completed form to us, along with any necessary documents, either by post, using the postage-paid envelope enclosed, or electronically, using our online ‘Contact Us’ form

  • Can I send you copies of any necessary documents?

    We understand your reluctance to post original documents as they are hard to replace if they get lost. On the other hand, we also appreciate the determination and success of identity thieves to access personal information. Because of this, we will accept certified copies of the documents, which must be signed by an independent person who is not related to you or lives at your address.

    For added protection, the witness must also provide us with their address and a contact number, which may be used to contact them to confirm your identity. The witness should write on the copy document, ‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original document seen by me’. This should then be signed, dated and the witness should print their name, address and telephone number under the signature.

  • What happens after my details are verified?

    If the verification process is successful, we will take great pleasure in reuniting you with your policy and the valuable benefits this may provide. We will update our records and send you a confirmation letter.

  • What if I’m not the person named on the letter, what now?

    We apologise for this intrusion and would kindly ask for your help once more. You can either complete and return the enclosed ‘Address Verification Form B’ or call us by using the telephone number shown at the top of the letter.

    If you choose to return the form, please tick the box ‘Policyholder unknown at this address’. Then return the form using the postage-paid envelope provided or by uploading it via our online Contact form.

    Thank you.

  • What if the person has passed away, what now?

    We are very sorry for your loss and kindly ask you to get in touch by calling us on the telephone number shown at the top of the letter enclosed in the mailing pack.

    Alternatively, you can return 'Address Verification Form B' either using the postage-paid envelope provided or by uploading it via our online Contact Form.

    There may be some policy benefits to reunite with their beneficiary(ies) or estate.


Protecting our customers’ personal information is very important to us, which is why we have provided few clues in our mailing pack about your policy. This reduces the risk of potential fraud, which is on the increase in the UK. For more, click here.


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The Association of British Insurers is stepping up efforts to re-connect consumers with their lost nest eggs by launching a framework to help find 'gone away' customers. 


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is responsible for protecting you from 'the harm that can be caused by bad conduct in the financial services' industry.'
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