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  • How do I find out what my policy is worth?

    Your latest annual statement shows the value of your policy as at the date shown on the statement. If you need a current valuation, call us quoting your policy number.

  • Does my policy have any guarantees?

    If your policy has any guarantees, you'll find details on your latest annual statement. Or get in touch quoting your policy number.

  • Why are my premiums going up?

    Increasing your premium is one way to make sure your policy is on track to achieve its target or to continue providing you with the current level of benefits, or both. Any change in your premium is usually as a result of your regular Policy Review.

  • What is a Policy Review?

    As with the cost of living, the cost of maintaining your policy benefits can also increase over time.  The Policy Review is one way to make sure that your premium can deliver the benefits you signed up for.

    A review also provides the opportunity to make sure the premium reflects a person's age, which is another factor in calculating the cost of providing policy benefits. We recognise increasing a premium isn't a popular aspect of the review, but without it, your policy benefits could fall short should you need to make a claim.

    Your policy may also have the index-linked option, known as 'indexation'. It's a built-in feature that helps protect your policy from the effects of inflation. It means your benefits or premiums, or both, will keep in step with the cost of living.

    To learn more about the Policy Review, please see our guide, which spells out how the Policy Review works and the opportunities to make potential changes to your policy, if needed.

    For customers with a Whole of Life policy, we have a dedicated Policy Review guide, which explains how the review works for your particular policy.

    If you’re unsure what type of policy you have, please see your latest Annual Statement for details.

  • What illnesses are covered under my critical illness benefit?

    There are many illnesses classified as 'critical', such as cancer, heart attack, kidney failure and paralysis. Details of the critical illness benefits covered by your policy are shown in your policy's terms and conditions. Or you can find out more by calling us and quoting your policy number.

  • How do I know what benefits I have on my policy?

    Details of the benefits covered by your policy are shown on your latest annual statement. Or get in touch quoting your policy number.

  • How do I reduce my level of cover?

    Reducing the level of your cover will depend on the type of policy you have with us. To find out more, call us quoting your policy number.

  • How can I get information about my spouse, parent or other relative's policy?

    If you are requesting information on behalf of your spouse, parent or other relative, we can accept their verbal authority during a telephone call or a signed letter of authority via the post. If these options aren't possible, we'll need a power of attorney to provide you with their policy information.