Who looks after my investment?

Actively looking after your money is our primary aim. It’s a major force behind your policy, providing the benefits by making your money work hard for you.

It’s an ambition shared by our fund manager, Schroder Investment Management. They are a world-class asset manager operating in 32 locations across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

Schroders pride themselves on being a ‘global business, managed locally’ and viewing investors’ needs through a local lens. They understand our aim to provide you with sustainable growth through both good times and periods of uncertainty.

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Our Investment Policy

Our investment policy shares the principles of the Institutional Shareholders’ Committee (ISC) concerning dealings with Schroder Asset Management, our fund manager. We regularly check they are maintaining these principles in practice. 

Schroder Investment Management

With the help of Schroders, our fund manager, we invest your money in a range of funds. Each fund is designed to achieve a particular outcome, enabling us to provide the benefits of your policy.

Your money is invested in your chosen fund after we’ve deducted the charges from your premiums. The make-up of each fund is guided by its aims and decided by expert fund managers. Your latest Annual Statement shows your policy’s investment fund.

Understanding how your money is invested

If you’re not sure of the name or details of the fund your policy invests in, or what type of policy you have, please see your latest Annual Statement.