What do I need to consider about my investment fund?

  1. How does the value of your policy this year compare to the previous one? If positive, does the fund's track record suggest this is likely to continue until your next Annual Statement?

  2. If your policy invests in more than one fund, check the performance of both funds to see if they are achieving their key goals. Ask yourself if the fund choice or funds' selection remains relevant to your circumstances. 

  3.  If your policy has achieved a less than satisfactory growth, call us to find out what you can do.

    For details of the long term fund performance, take a look at the 'Cumulative fund performance' section. To see performance over a specific period, click on the tab 'Discrete performance %' or 'Calendar performance %', which shows the fund performance each year for the past five years.

  4. Does your policy include any guarantees? These are valuable benefits which you could lose if you switch funds or transfer to another provider.  See your latest Annual Statement for details of any guarantees or call us to find out more.

  5. If your policy is a pension or you're saving towards something in particular, is the value of your policy on track to achieve your goal?

  6. For pension policyholders, will your retirement savings be enough in retirement? Do you understand your pension options at retirement? You'll find a wealth of information on this site and in our guide The pension options explained.

  7. If you're thinking about transferring your pension, take a look at our guide Your pension transfer explained before you take any action.

Countrywide Assured provides information and does not make recommendations or give advice as to the suitability of our products. To find a regulated and independent financial adviser in your area, visit unbiased.co.uk

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