Making changes to your pension or policy is easier than ever. Our frequently requested forms are now available online for you to download.


You can complete the forms digitally. Although we still need your signature as proof of your request because protecting our customers from potential fraud is something we take very seriously.

Returning your forms electronically

Option 1 – Got a printer?

Print out your form(s), add your signature, then either scan or photograph your paperwork and return it using our online Contact Form. Please see the ‘Guidance for attachments’ information below.

Option 2 – No printer?

Use our online Contact Form to upload your completed form(s) as a PDF along with a scan or photo of a handwritten letter asking us to accept your forms. Please make sure your signature is clearly shown on your handwritten letter.

Option 3 - Add an electronic signature to your form(s)

If you can add your signature to your form(s) using a digital pen on the screen, find the Adobe PDF 'Fill & Sign’ feature to draw and add your signature.

Read on for guidance about uploading your documents to our online contact form.

Guidance for attachments

Please make sure any photos show all four corners of your document and the image is in focus. Avoid sending documents with any markings, such as amendments or lines through any wording as we will be unable to accept your submission.

Please make sure each attachment is no more than 5MB or 20MB in total.

If you’re not sure what to do or have any questions, please ask us.

Important Information

It’s important that you read the declaration on the online Contact Form as all documents provided through this method will be accepted as ‘originals’ and not copies.

Change of address

To let us know your new address.


Change of name

To let us know of any changes to your name.


Direct debit instruction

To change your bank details.


Policy Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your policy.


Letter of Authority

To give someone the authority to ask for information about your policy, such as a family member, friend, carer, or IFA.


Expression of wish

To let us know your choice of beneficiaries to receive your pension benefits.


Fund switch

If you wish to switch the investment fund for your policy.


Supporting Documents

Confirming your identity

Information on how to confirm your identity.


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