Fund Prices

Countrywide Assured Funds

Updated on: March 20, 2018
Life Funds
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UK Equity699.10664.20


Pension Fund
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Unitised With Profits349.40332.00
UK Equity898.20853.30


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SP Funds

Updated on: March 20, 2018
Pension Funds
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Cautious Return Fund142.60135.40
Global Equity Pension Fund1,291.601,227.00
Managed Pension Fund1,058.301,005.40
High Interest Pension Fund294.10279.40
Property Pension Fund492.00467.40
Gilt Pension Fund590.70561.20
Guarantee Plus Pension Fund667.80667.80
Equity Pension Fund423.40402.20
Retirement Income Fund434.30434.30


Insurance Funds
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Balanced Investment Fund311.60296.00
Gilt Fund1,618.001,537.10
Property Fund301.90286.80
Deposit Fund678.10644.20
With Profits Fund587.80587.80
Global Equity Fund1,149.701,092.20
Distribution Bond Fund167.80159.40
UK Managed Growth Fund284.70270.50


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CWA Series Funds

Updated on: March 20th, 2018
Life Funds
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Global Managed (GF3P)2033.71932
Global Managed (GF4P) 544.1516.9

Pension Funds
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Balanced Managed Pension (BA4P) 4055.93853.1
Opportunity Managed Pension (OP4P) 817.8776.9


For more information on other CWA Series Funds, please contact us on 0800 085 2385